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Strengthening Teacher Instructional Practices

Strengthening Teacher Instructional Practices

Strengthening Teacher Instructional Practices in the NWT: EdCan Network article by Curtis Brown, Superintendent, and Sarah Pruys, Public Affairs Coordinator, South Slave Divisional Education Council, NWT.

We all want to improve student outcomes in the NWT. While the factors that influence student outcomes are complex, there is strong evidence to show that giving teachers more time to prepare, assess, collaborate, and professionally develop their teaching practice is critically important.

By supporting these community-driven pilots, administrators, the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association (NWTTA) and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), are creating an opportunity to learn how research and best practices can create conditions for stronger school teams, and better educational outcomes for NWT children. This will provide valuable information that will help us determine how we structure and use teacher time in the NWT so that we can support student success and improve educational outcomes.

A Joint Committee, comprised of:

have met over the last few months to prepare for the Strengthening Teacher Instructional Practices (STIP) pilot initiative launch. The STIP initiative will provide education boards across the territory the option to redirect up to 100 hours to allow for improved teacher planning, assessment, collaborative practice and ongoing professional development. Globally, research shows that investments in these practices are some of the most powerful factors in improving student outcomes.

Pilot projects will be conducted in the 2017-18 school year, to determine where improvements can be made and focus on the training and resources that will assist teachers with their teaching practices. The STIP initiative is not mandatory for participation. 

The Strengthening Teacher Instructional Practice (STIP) Pilot Evaluation Plan provides a general overview of the questions, methodology, and schedule tha will guide the evaluation of the STIP pilot. The evaluation framwork presented in the plan will serve as a basis for the evaluation process, but the specific methods used to collect data will be developed and refined as the plan is implemented in the following three years.

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