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Culture and Heritage Strategic Framework

Culture and Heritage Framework

Culture and heritage play a significant role in personal well-being, community resiliency, language, identity, a diverse economy and a sustainable environment.Strong Cultures, Strong Territory: The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) Culture and Heritage Strategic Framework is built on respect for the tremendous cultural diversity across the Northwest Territories. It is based on the premise that understanding our past, in the context of today's culture, helps us make wise decisions for the future.

The Framework will align the existing culture and heritage activities of all GNWT departments around shared goals and priorities. It will also serve as a cultural lens for future GNWT initiatives until 2025. This document is the first of its kind in the NWT – a mechanism to coordinate the culture and heritage work of all GNWT departments. The Framework was created after months of research and engagement with Aboriginal governments, culture and heritage stakeholders and NWT residents in 28 communities using an online survey, community meetings, workshops and home visits.

For more in-depth information on the Framework, please the document below.