Labour Market Information


Labour or job market information can help you understand current work and job environments in specific regions. It includes information about specific companies, industries, and occupations and can tell you who is hiring, what occupations are currently in demand, and which regions need workers.

Learn more about labour market information by reading the NWT Jobs in Demand 15-year Forecast.

Other sources of information on the labour market include:

Labour force activity

Labour supply

Making Sense of Labour Market Information


Skills 4 Success

Skills 4 Success is about improving employment success for NWT residents, closing skill gaps for in-demand jobs, and more effectively responding to employer and industry needs. This initiative is driven by labour market evidence, best practice research, and informed stakeholder feedback, and supports the 18th Legislative Assembly's priority of fostering lifelong learning, skills development, training and employability.

Skills 4 Success is aimed at closing education and employment gaps and addressing recruitment and retention challenges in the NWT.


Labour Market Agreements

The Government of the Northwest Territories has labour market agreements with the federal government to deliver programs for individuals, employers, and organizations that support training and employment for NWT residents.

Labour Market Agreements include:

Labour Market Development Agreement

Workforce Development Agreement

2019 - 2020 Annual Report - Labour Market Development Agreement