Starting and operating a licensed early learning and child care program

The NWT's Child Day Care Act and Standards Regulations set out the minimum standards that must be met in a licensed early learning and child care program to ensure the safety, well-being, and developmental needs of children are met.

How to get a licence

Under the Child Day Care Act, a licence is required to operate a early licensed child care program that provides care for 4 or more children.

To become a licensed child care provider in the NWT, contact the Early Childhood Consultant in your region. They will take you through the steps you need to prepare and apply for a license.

Early Childhood Programs Handbook

The Understanding the Child Day Care Regulations: A Handbook for Early Childhood Programs is for people who have or want to apply for a Child Day Care Facility Licence to operate a child day care facility. It provides guidance and information on:

  • How you can apply for or renew a child care licence
  • what is involved in inspecting and monitoring a licensed child care program
  • terms used in the Act and Regulation
  • how to appeal or dispute a licensing decision
  • how to report incidents
  • other important information to assist you with being licensed

Rules for operating a licensed child care facility

Funding for licensed child care facilities

Forms for licensed programs

Contact us

Contact the Early Childhood Consultant in your region if you have questions about applying for and receiving a child care licence.