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Important update

ECE funding programs work together to support licensed early learning and child care programs, families, and young children. Together, the funding streams provide an inter-connected approach to transforming the NWT’s early learning and child care system.

Effective April 2022, ECE will begin linking all early learning and child care funding programs including the Early Childhood Program (ECP) Operating Subsidy, the Child Care Fee Reduction (CCFR) Subsidy, Early Childhood Infrastructure Fund (ECIF), New Child Care Spaces funding, Health and Safety Funding, and the Retention Incentive for educators working in licensed centre-based programs.

This means that to be eligible for ECP funding, a program must also participate in the CCFR Subsidy, which passes savings of 50%, on average, to families.

These funding linkages will take effect now and will help to flow funding where it is needed most. Any programs that are in the process of becoming licensed can work with ECE to understand what this means for them.

For licensed early learning and child care program operators

Child care fee reduction subsidy

The Child Care Fee Reduction (CCFR) Subsidy provides funding to licensed early learning and child care programs (licensed programs) to reduce child care fees charged to families and enhance child care affordability in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

Early childhood infrastructure fund

The GNWT’s Early Childhood Infrastructure Fund (ECIF) provides funding for projects that improve existing infrastructure of licensed centre-based child care spaces or create new licensed centre-based child care spaces in NWT communities.

Supporting child inclusion and participation

Supporting Child Inclusion and Participation (SCIP) funding is a proposal based funding program that will help NWT children be on track with their early childhood development by promoting access to, and participation in, early learning and child care programming.

For early childhood educators and child care workers

Early childhood staff grant

The purpose of the Early Childhood Staff Grant is to increase the earning potential for licensed day care centre staff and also offer an incentive to attract new professionals to the early childhood workforce.

Early learning and child care scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to NWT post-secondary students in a full-time accredited post-secondary institution to help with the costs of attending school while completing their diploma or degree in early childhood development.