Early childhood program operating subsidy


Early Childhood Program (ECP) operating subsidy assists licensed early learning and child care programs (licensed programs) with the day-to-day costs of running a licensed program. This funding helps child care providers maintain quality early learning child care for the community.

Available funding

The ECP operating subsidy is an attendance-based quarterly contribution through which early learning and child care providers receive a fixed daily rate per attending child. 

Funding is calculated based on the type of program and location (zone). 

Programs located in government-owned buildings are funded at 75% of the daily rate. 

Full-time daily rates for the ECP operating subsidy

Type of child care space Zone A Zone B
Infant/special needs $35.75 $49.66
Pre-school $19.67 $27.51
Out-of-school $12.00 $16.80
Afterschool $8.97 $10.96

Note: Part-time spaces are funded at half the full-time rate.


Applications can be submitted at anytime; payments are made quarterly.


How to apply

Contact the Early Childhood Consultant in your region. 

Contact us

For questions about applying for this subsidy, contact the Early Childhood Consultant in your region from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm.