Child care fee reduction (CCFR) subsidy reporting

The Child Care Fee Reduction (CCFR) Subsidy is provided to licensed early learning and child care programs (licensed programs) to offset child care fees charged to families based on the information provided in the monthly CCFR Subsidy Report. This Subsidy is separate from other funding provided by the Department of Education Culture and Employment (ECE) and is intended to reduce child care fees charged to families. Licensed programs will need to report the following on a monthly basis:

  • The total number of registered spaces (not attendance) by infant, preschool, and out-of-school (for children five years of age and younger).
  • The total number of children that accessed the program as a “drop-in”.
  • The total fees charged to families.

Licensed programs will receive funding to support administration of the Subsidy based on the number of children registered in the program. For example, a smaller licensed program, such as a family day home with eight child care spaces, will receive up to $1,800 if they operate for a full year and up to $18,000 for larger centre-based programs.

Licensed programs that opt-in will be required to submit updated documents monthly starting in April 2022. The monthly documents need to show any changes in registration to ensure that the licensed program receives appropriate funding.

  • If there were changes during the previous months, an adjustment will be calculated.
  • If there are no changes, the program can verify that the information remains the same and no additional information is required.

ECE has developed and distributed report templates to licensed programs to help simplify the reporting processes.

Reporting for licensed programs 

To participate in the CCFR Subsidy, licensed programs will need to:

  • Inform the regional Early Childhood Consultant about the program’s decision to opt-in to the CCFR Subsidy.
  • Submit the Participation Agreement form to identify information about the program.
  • Submit a CCFR Monthly Report for any applicable months as per the requirements in the Contribution Agreement. The CCFR Month Report is used by ECE to calculate the monthly payment that a licensed program will receive.
  • Submit a Summary of Year End Subsidy Report by June 31 of that fiscal year. The Summary of Year End report is used to calculate the amount of CCFR of funding provided to the program and to confirm that funds have been passed back to families or that fees were reduced.

Licensed programs will be required to distribute the refunds to families that attended the program during January to March 2022 within 60 days of receiving the refund. For regular monthly information reporting:

  • Submit a CCFR Monthly Report by the 10th day of every month to inform payment for the following month.
  • Submit a Summary of Year End Subsidy Report once a year by June 31.

Reporting extended absences

Where a child is absent due to the family’s voluntarily circumstances (e.g., vacation; not illness) for more than four consecutive weeks, the family will not be eligible for the Subsidy for that time period. This requirement provides for equitable access to affordable spaces and to mitigate the potential for some families to ‘save the space’ for longer periods of time (e.g., if a family is moving to the territory but has not yet accessed the space; public funds would not be applied in that instance).

Funding will not be provided by the GNWT for consecutive voluntary absences longer than four weeks such as extended vacations or to reserve a child care space.

Reporting of children who receive additional funding

If a child registered in a licensed program receives additional funding from other sources (e.g., Health and Social Services, ECE’s Income Assistance), the licensed provider will only report the cost that is paid directly by the family. CCFR Subsidy funding is applicable for the portion of the overall fee paid by families only.

If the monthly child care fee is fully funded by another source and the family is not charged any fees by the program, the CCFR will not be provided. However, please include this information in the CCFR information form, as it assists with overall data and reporting about the CCFR Subsidy.

Keep detailed records

Remember to keep a record of:

  • The full name, date of birth, and date of enrolment for each child.
  • A monthly schedule of confirmed registered spaces.
  • Daily attendance records (arrival and departure) – this is the same daily attendance used for Early Childhood Program operational (ECP) funding. Additional attendance-based recording is not required for the CCFR Subsidy.

Making corrections or adjustments to reports

Licensed programs can correct or adjust the CCFR monthly report by providing an updated report for the same month to fix errors or to adjust enrolment numbers. Contact the regional Early Childhood Consultant for more information before submitting the report. If a payment adjustment is needed, the difference will be either added or deducted from the payment the program receives the next month.

Sometimes information submitted to ECE will need to be adjusted:

  • If a child enrols in the program after the 15th day of the month, they will be eligible for the subsidy starting the first day of the upcoming month. The family is responsible for paying the full amount for the days attended before the subsidy starts.
  • A child attended a drop-in program for a day or two.
  • If a child reaches the age of six in any given month, CCFR Subsidy will be provided for that month. At the start of the upcoming month, the child will no longer be eligible for CCFR Subsidy.

How to submit reporting

Submit the monthly report, including corrections and adjustments, to the Early Childhood Consultant in your region.

Contact us

For questions about reporting or help with completing reports, contact the Early Childhood Consultant in your region from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm.