Aurora College Foundational Review

Preparing Northerners for the jobs of the future is important to their personal success and to the long-term success of the Northwest Territories. We want to make sure our residents have the opportunity to be successful, and lead fulfilling lives. We need to ensure that the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and its partners are providing the kind of training and education that Northerners need now and in the future. One of the ways we can make sure that we are doing this is by taking a good look at the needs of our residents, future job trends, the kind of programs available and how that programming is delivered, including the role that Aurora College plays. That is one of the reasons that the Minister of Education, Culture and Employment announced a foundational review of Aurora College in early 2017.

The Foundational Review will focus on the administration, governance, legislation and operations of Aurora College. The Review will help to establish a solid foundation for the College as it continues to make changes that respond to ongoing labour market demands and student needs.

The Foundational Review will help to chart a course that makes sure that Aurora College and the GNWT are investing in our students responsibly and setting up programs that are driven by success.

The Review is also an important step in meeting one of the 18th Legislative Assembly Priorioties under Education, Training and Youth Development: Expanding opportunities for postsecondary education, trades-oriented learning and northern educational institutions.

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Review was developed by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment for the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Request for Proposals process. The ToR for the Review can be accessed through the link below.

Questions on the Aurora College Foundational Review can be directed to the Department of Education, Culture and Employment’s Manager, Communications and Public Affairs, at 1-867-767-9352, extension 71073.

The Review’s final report will be released early in 2018.

Click here for the Review’s Terms of Reference.